Fluting Paper

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Fluting paper is the middle liner of corrugated board, which can be used individually as a type of protective packaging paper. Fluting provides protection by filling empty spaces in the outer case, providing a cushioning support for the primary product.


Fluting paper is a material made from a renewable, sustainable resource. It is made from non-toxic, recycled papers, agro based raw material and sustainable forestry resources.


It can be manufactured in three different flute heights - E flute (1.6mm) B flute (3.2mm) and A flute (4.8mm). We provide both, made from virgin fiber (semi chemical type) and recycled type in the range of 90-300 GSM​ and 12 to 22 BF.


Features and Benefits of Fluting Paper

  • Different weighted paper available for different strength requirements

  • Shipping available in roll form

  • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource