Kraft Paper

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The term kraft paper covers a variety of products which are produced using a chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp and separating the lignin and cellulose fibres.


The reduced lignin content and high sulphur ratio in the kraft paper production process ensures the papers high strength making it an ideal choice for the majority of packaging requirements.


Kraft papers comes in different shades like natural shade, golden yellow shade, test liner shade or bleached; natural and golden yellow shade paper is heavier duty as bleaching decreases the papers strength, however bleached paper has improved printability due to the smooth surface.


Kraft paper can also be classified as MG or MF which refers to the finish of the paper in production; MF is machine finished and MG is machine glazed.

Musk Exoprts can offer Kraft paper ranging in 40 - 300 gsm while Brusting Factor ranging from 22 to 35.

Types and Applications :

  • Bag Kraft – Used to produce bags for shopping applications

  • Sack Kraft – Heavy duty industrial bags are produced using Sack Kraft

  • MG and MF Bleached Kraft – This kraft is used in food wrapping and packaging, such as sandwich wrapping

  • Kraft Liner Board (KLB) – This high grammage, high strength kraft is used to produce boxes particularly in the food industry where boxes are kept in moist conditions

  • Waxed kraft paper – Coated with a thin layer of wax this paper is widely used in the food industry for wrapping deli cold meats and cheeses for example. The wax coating on the kraft gives the paper an additional grease and moisture barrier

  • PE coated kraft paper – This kraft paper is typically used in the fast food industry as a tray liner. The PE coating provides a more durable grease and moisture barrier to the paper

  • Greaseproof paper – This paper has a high heat, oil and grease resistance and is used in cooking and baking

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