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When the Kraft paper is made from a renewable, sustainable resource, it is called Test Liner. It is made from non-toxic, recycled papers, agro based raw material and sustainable forestry resources.

Testliner papers also comes in different shades like natural shade, golden yellow shade, test liner shade or bleached; natural and golden yellow shade paper is heavier duty as bleaching decreases the papers strength, however bleached paper has improved printability due to the smooth surface. 

Musk Exoprts offers Testliner ranging in 90-250gsm while Brusting Factor ranging from 18 to 28.

Applications of Testliner paper :

  • Bags- bags for shopping applications are produced using Bag Kraft and heavy duty industrial bags are produced using Sack Kraft

  • Food wrapping/packaging – food wrapping and packaging, such as sandwich or meat wrapping, uses MG and MF Bleached Kraft.

  • Boxes/Corrugation – boxes are made using a high grammage, high strength kraft referred to as Kraft Liner Board (KLB). This is used most often in the food industry where boxes are kept in moist conditions and need a high strength